DBA Services

Database Management Services

Hitexinfo offers Database Management Services, a comprehensive remote database management service for SQL databases. Our experts track the health of your database through proactive monitoring at the site on regular basis. The deliverables include proactive database monitoring for trends and errors, performance management and periodic health checks. SMARTINFO has well qualified professionals who can ensure process-oriented database management, database monitoring and administration delivery. We put our best to ensure world-class service and a monitoring process by adopting industry best practices.

This is achieved through a combination of remote Oracle / SQL monitoring scripts and vigilant expert eyes watching over customer database infrastructure. We help customers in ensuring uninterrupted access to databases for users, efficient delivery of data to users, prevention of frustration caused by frequent failures and rollbacks, protection of data integrity, accommodation of database growth smooth, and complete elimination of the need for firefighting. Noteworthy benefits from our solution are reduction in cost of managing databases, immediate help from qualified DBAs, avoiding huge expenses of hiring permanent DBAs and system administrators, etc.


Our disaster recovery management services include study of IT processes at customer site, Classification of processes, Vulnerability Study and Risk Identification, Process-wise Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objective, Implementation and Documentation of procedures to maintain the Disaster Recovery Set-up Maintenance.